April 10, 2009

Job Satisfaction Factors

What is it that makes people feel satisfied with their job? A Management Consultant namely Roy Walters after having spent years on studying job satisfaction and productivity has developed a Satisfaction Potential checklist which contains nine characteristics that define truly satisfying job. Hence, look out for these characteristics and if you don't see them in your job it is better to seriously search for another job.

1. The job isn't monotonous, but allows employees to change pace with varying tasks.

2. The job does not waste a person's time and effort. It has been planned in such a way that it can be done without exerting energy uselessly.

3. Employees are free to plan their work the way they can do it most effectively.

4. Employees believe they have a reasonable degree of authority over how their work should be done.

5. Employees believe they have adequate opportunities for individual growth and recognition.

6. Employees don't feel too closely supervised, over-instructed or rigidly controlled.

7. Employees see their job as an integral part of the whole company and each employee is treated as an individual, not merely a cog in the wheel.

8. The answer to the question, "How am I doing?" comes from the job itself. Thus, employees can correct their own errors and improve their techniques.

9. Superiors offer feedback without causing embarrassment.

In other words, if any employee has to truly enjoy his job and give his best for the organization the superior has to ensure that the task given to him is not monotonous, routine, mundane and design it in such a way that he utilizes his energy to his optimum level and still feel fresh, plan his work the way he considers doing it best, give him reasonable degree of authority, responsibility and freedom to perform the way he would like to start and complete with the job, which will give him opportunities for growth, development, recognition and status, ensure that he doesn't feel closely supervised, treat him as an integral part of the organization, give him the freedom and autonomy to improve upon their techniques and offer constructive feedback which enhances his work ethics.

Wouldn't it be great if every job matched these criteria as given above? It is not just a theory which we read from the management books and forget but we need to start with the jobs in our own company and see just how satisfying you can make them?

Article by Iyer Subramanian. He is working with Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a Joint Director-HR.

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