April 7, 2009

Why Should You Use Psychometric Testing?

Testing provides more information about a candidate in an objective way than the CV or Resume can provide. You can therefore make a more informed decision than working with the skills the CV provides, and the impression your recruit makes during the interview. This is therefore the most important reason you should use psychometric testing; it leads to hiring decisions that are more valid than decisions made by any other means. It takes the guesswork and “feeling” out of the hiring process and allows you to work with fact and logic. This puts you in control.

Psychometric testing improves the effectiveness of the employment process by selecting the most suitable candidates first. This will help reduce the amount of money you spend on people who don’t fit into your organisation, either by having to rehire soon as someone who doesn’t fit into your organisation won’t stay long, or wasting money on them during the hiring process.

Speaking about money: Imagine the amount you need to spend to get the same information about a new recruit than a psychometric test gives you.

You can profile a job so that you can see the personality type that is required for it. Then you can choose the person that has the personality type for the job. This makes the hiring process quick, stress free and easy.

Interviewing alone places emphasis on skill. Psychometric testing tells more about the behaviour of the candidate. As people get hired on skill, but fired on behaviour it would make sense to test the behaviour.

Psychometric testing uses assessment tools that have been designed by skilled psychologists and tested in over 38 countries so that you have the peace of mind that your business will benefit from hiring the right recruit.

These tests are designed to use for employment and is targeted to your business needs. You can see whether the person you need fits into your organisation, as it measures what they will bring to the job, and match their strengths with your requirements.

You can see someone’s development needs and strengths at a glance in easily understandable language. No psychological jargon to confuse you.

You can measure the potential of the individual tested so that you can train that person and know how to motivate them to give their best.

You can test all your staff while you’re at it, and make sure they are where they should be to enable them to help your business grow. You can then make interdepartmental changes to put them where they will perform at their best and retrain where necessary. You will reap the results of this in the form of revenue. Your staff will thank you, because they will be where they are happiest, and your business will flourish.

an article by Hannah Du Plessis

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