May 23, 2007

Business/Management Competencies

Analyzing Needs and Proposing Solutions
Identifying and understanding business issues and client needs, problems, and opportunities; comparing data from different
sources to draw conclusions; using effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate
solutions; taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

Key Actions
Gathers information about client needs
Diagnoses learning and performance issues
Generates multiple alternatives
Searches for innovative solutions
Chooses appropriate solution(s)
Recognizes impact
Proposes solution(s)

Applying Business Acumen
Understanding the organization’s business model and financial goals; utilizing economic, financial, and organizational data to build and document the business case for investing in workplace learning and performance solutions; using
business terminology when communicating with others.

Key Actions
Understands the business
Understands business operations
Applies financial data
Uses business terminology to gain credibility
Recognizes business priorities
Creates a value proposition
Advances the learning and performance business agenda

Driving Results
Identifying opportunities for improvement and setting well-defined goals related to learning and performance solutions;orchestrating efforts and measuring progress; striving to achieve goals and produce exceptional results.

Key Actions

Targets improvement opportunities
Establishes goals and objectives
Orchestrates effort to achieve results
Provides courageous leadership

Planning and Implementing Assignments
Developing action plans, obtaining resources, and completing assignments in a timely manner to ensure that workplace learning and performance goals are achieved.

Key Actions
Establishes parameters and forecasts outcomes
Uses planning tools to create project plans
Manages budget
Determines tasks and resources
Plans for contingencies
Mobilizes resources
Manages time

Thinking Strategically
Understanding internal and external factors that impact learning and performance in organizations; keeping abreast of trends and anticipating opportunities to add value to the business; operating from a systems perspective in developing learning and performance strategies and building alignment with business strategies.

Key Actions
Understands external factors impacting learning and performance
Understands the organizational context for learning and performance
Recognizes and acts on emerging opportunities
Builds strategic alignment
Develops learning and performance strategies
Operates from a systems perspective

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