July 1, 2008

What Every Manager Can Learn From Barack Obama

First of all, let me start out by saying that this article is NOT in any way an endorsement for Barack Obama. It is merely my observation and opinion, nothing more.

The First-Class Barack Obama Campaign
If you want to see this movie played out to its full effect on a national stage, look no further than the Barack Obama campaign. Barack Obama has assembled a first rate political campaign - the best of all the remaining presidential candidates, and it's starting to pay huge dividends.

Barack Obama isn't winning because he's a great inspirational speaker - although that doesn't hurt. He's winning because his campaign is better managed and organized. Plain and simple.

How They Run Their Campaign...
In fact, I think the way Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are running their respective campaigns is a snapshot into how they would each run the country. Obama's campaign is exciting and extremely well organized and he reaches across political, gender and ethnic lines. His campaign is a well-oiled machine.

And the fact that he's an amazing speaker makes people want to follow him even more.

Hilary Clinton Is So Disorganized
Hillary's campaign on the other hand is extremely disorganized, rife with juvenile in-fighting and she is a very polarizing candidate. Not only that, in her attempts to stave off Obama's steam roller like momentum, she changes her message every week. She started out with "Ready from day one" being the theme of her campaign. Now it's "Speeches vs. solutions." Where's the managerial consistency? Good managers don't panic at the first sign of adversity. But that's exactly what her campaign is doing and that's why Obama is winning.

What Environment Would You Prefer To Work In - Barack or Hilary?
Does that sound like some of the work environments you've been in? According to the website The GoodManager.com, "It is the job of the manager to coordinate the work of others and is held accountable for their work. The five main jobs of managers are planning, organizing and staffing, leading and motivating the organization, coordination through communication of objectives and plans, and assessing and measuring the work of employees. Effective managers are able to use their skills in each of these areas to attain the goals of the organization."

Learn For Free...
The above statement describes Barack Obama management abilities to a "T." Barack Obama's campaign is a successful business model that every manager can learn from. And you don't have to pay a dime to do it, because he's on the internet, on television and in the newspapers every single day.

Watch and learn!

Author: Andrew Rondeau

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