June 30, 2008

What Can You Do For Your Team Building Event?

Team building can take place anywhere and can be achieved through a wide range of different activities. It is a method that is utilized to improve the level of morale in your team and to also improve the skills and interrelationships of people in your team or organization. Typically team building events involve people in an activity. These activities are typically challenging activities that encourage people to work together to achieve success.

The theory goes that teams that play together stay together and as a result these activities tend to encourage teamwork. There are a massive range of different activities that can be considered team building events. Often these events take place in three main different areas. They can be events that take place in an office or out of the office. Many companies utilise team building trainers to provide team building workshops that are directly related to the office environment. These providers enter the office and offer training in house. The other type of training takes place out of the office and can entail a number of different activities.

Outdoor activities
There is a great deal of different outdoor teambuilding activities that can be undertaken. Many managers will want to take their team out into the fresh air of the great outdoors to test their mettle on a physically and mentally demanding challenge. There are a vast range of different activities that fit this bill. These kinds of activities include vehicle racing days, military training days, shooting events and multi activity days. Activities such as rafting, abseiling and climbing are also often used as a method of encouraging team during these breaks.

Driving activities
Driving activities offer a great deal of excitement for all people that want to challenge themselves and one another. Often great for both men and women these events involve activities such as go-karting and off road driving.

They give people the opportunity for a break from the norm and they often have an element of competition which can be extremely stimulating. This friendly competition can really bring your team together and if your office works with a number of smaller teams or pods then it might be an opportunity for each team to pit their collective wits against one another in a relay race.

This is sure to stimulate a talking point that could bind the members of the entire office for a long time. There are also events where you can drive blindfolded. In these events the driver is instructed by the passengers and this is an extremely effective way of improving communication between members of a team.

Treasure hunt activities
One of the most popular team events for people of all ages are treasure hunt activities. Like the games that people used to play when they were little these events tap in to everyone's inner child. The fun of going on a treasure hunt is developed with a level of sophistication in which teams have tasks to perform or riddles to solve before they are able to find the treasure.

This encourages a great deal of team work. The main benefit of this type of teamwork is that it encourages communication as team members have to interact successfully so that they can find the treasure. It also demonstrates the values of encouragement to the team.

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