May 6, 2008

Top Ten Corporate HR Bloggers

The following bloggers are familiar with the HR industry as it pertains to the corporate world.

  1. Beyond HR: On this blog, a professional HR talent researcher shares his secrets.
  2. Breakout Performance: Breakout Performance is a blog that shares its author’s innovative approach to analyzing human management and balancing social and business strategies in the workplace.
  3. Dr. John Sullivan & Associates: This corporate advisor publishes articles about everything related to HR: college recruiting, employee screening and assessment tests, training, and new hire orientation.
  4. Evil HR Lady: This humorous blog is all about one woman’s experiences as the “Evil HR Lady” in a corporate office.
  5. HR and Strategies: This grad student combines human resources philosophies with hard news.
  6. HR Daily Advisor: This is a fantastic resource for any HR professional. Find entries about HR policy and ethics, as well as payroll and religious issues.
  7. HR Metrics: HR Metrics is an organization that helps companies maximize their HR potential. Learn new tricks and tips on their informative blog.
  8. HR Web Cafe: This is an excellent blog devoted to all things HR. Here, you can read articles about benefits, office politics, employment trends, and more.
  9. Jim Stroud is the go-to recruiting guru on the Web. Check out his blog for the latest news and trends in human resources.
  10. PayScale Blog: Catch up on the latest HR news and trends, from profit sharing to technology advances.

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