May 7, 2008

Certified Service Professional (CSP)

CSP course is an initiative by the Singapore Workforce Skills Development Agency (WDA). It is based on the Service Excellence Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework and aims to prepare 36,000 non-tourism workers to take up service jobs in the tourism sector by providing training in essential customer service skills.

Whether you are looking for job opportunities in the tourism-related service industry or looking for courses to train your new staff*, this is the right course for you!

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for those who wish to work in the tourism-related service industry:

  • Workers currently employed in non-tourism-related service industry who seek to acquire new skills and switch career;
  • The unemployed who seek to enter the tourism-related service industry; and
  • New entrants* employed in the tourism-related service industry who seek to upgrade their skills

Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents of the above categories are eligible for enhanced funding support.

Course Synopsis

Key Objectives

  • Develop the mindset & passion of an excellent service professional
  • Know your products, customers and organisations
  • Make every encounter a GEMS moment
  • Work with your colleagues to delight customers
  • Invite your customers to come back
  • Keep improving your service


  • Focus on developing mindset: adopt positive attitude, explore new ways to see things
  • Intensive experiential learning: learn by doing
  • Real-life service applications
  • Highly-engaging learning via discussions, role-plays, team games, exhibitions, case studies etc


  • Behaviours in class throughout the course
  • Participation in activities
  • Formal assessments that are aligned to the requirements of Service Excellence WSQ


  • 5 Days or 40 training hours

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