March 6, 2008

Personality and Multiple Intelligences Test

This morning I visit Toshihiko Atsuyama’s blog and I found a nice widget about his personality type. (You have a good personality my friend… ha ha ha)

The widget coming from MyPersonality dot info and you can put it on your blog or website after taking a test.

About the test

Personality Type
Carl Jung's theory of psychological types explains that each person is "wired" with different tendencies and preferences. Some of us are extraverted while others are introverted, some are "thinkers" while others are "feelers".

Multiple Intelligences Test
I.Q. tests are limited. In addition to being logical and Number Smart a person can also be Word Smart, People Smart, Picture Smart and so on. Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences suggests that we excel in eight different categories of intelligence.

So, take the test to discover your personality type, identify your top strengths and share the results on your blog or website.
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1 comment:

  1. haha thx for the link up here.. we share the same personality? where is yours btw? :)