June 11, 2007

HR Asia Congress in Manila

As a member of HR_Challenges Group i have been invited to join the HR Asia Congress in Manila, 7-8 August 2007.

From industry-based economy to today's knowledge based economy, the importance of human capital if not the only, but definitely the one of the key factor in determining an organization success or failure. Human capital it is not just a battle for organizations, but also a war for nations in the quest for elite: the most important asset to create economic success stories. The development of the future workforce and business environment has a direct impact on the kind of competencies HR professionals will need to develop. Thus, the presence of strong and competitive HR community in managing and maximizing the potential every individual is of critical importance.

21st century HR professional can no longer remain as a backroom support function, but to become an integral part of business strategy in driving change, add value and increase performance in the organization. The have to constantly reinventing themselves to keep them relevant and in line with organization economic progress. It is thus crucial to have a completely renewed set of competencies, such as strategic thinking, strategic planning, capacity to assess and take the business risks and other C-level attribute to move from backroom to boardroom.

HR Asia Congress in Manila is the ideal intersection to address the hottest issues in the HR arena within the region across all industries, an event that will equip HR professional to evolve in a strategic business partner This is the arena of absolute opportunity for HR professional to meet people, network and exchange of ideas in the quest of becoming tomorrow's business partner of the organization.

For more info and registration:
Contact sales at marcus evans, email: johnk@marcusevanskl.com

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