January 22, 2010

So what happens when ALL of your employees quit?

By Ron "Mr Motivation" Hummel

Ok Mr. C.E.O or you Human Resources Director when then the economy starts it's up turn in 2010 will you be ready for the mass exodus that is going to take place in hundreds of companies across the United States? Probably not.

You see right now you believe that those people are a dime a dozen and you would be right. As of now.

Very shortly however new opportunities are going to start to develop and if you haven't invested in those individuals you have in your company, guess what, they are GONE!

So you ask. What can I do to keep them. First of all money is NOT the first answer unless of course you have them so under paid it's an embarrassment to even process payroll.

No! The answer is motivating and sincerely caring about their well being. Now keep in mind that sincerity is the key word here. If you pretend to care, they will see through that very quickly.

First of all employee's are people, human beings, just like you. They have feelings. They have pride. They want, NO they demand to be recognized for who they are and what they do.

Sure you recognize them, every time they do something incorrect you write them up. Our HR group has 15 different forms just for that process. NOT surprising. One of the first things we notice when we do a seminar in a corporate setting is how the format within the company structure is set up to assist the employee to fail. Does that shock you, it shouldn't

When is the last time you or a member of your staff went out into the company and sincerely simply talked to your employee's. NEVER!

Companies don't do that. They take all the time, energy and money and train Senior Management, Upper Management, the management teams, Managers and Supervisors and NEVER spend a dime on the Assistant Supervisors, leads and front line people.

Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot about the turkey at Thanksgiving. Oh really, a $25 gift card at Walmart. Or maybe that real nice polo shirt with the company logo. Nice!

Think about this. The New York Yankees just won the World Series. Now what would have happened if the entire management staff showed for the series BUT the players NEVER came to the game? You really believe the managers abilities to coach wins the series without the players. NOT going to happen is it?

So you and your entire management staff show up for work all set to impress your dime a dozen employee's with your intellect, and they don't come into work!

Good luck with that!

Listen invest in them it's easy and simplistic.

Even as a C.E.O (In fact every position I ever held) I went around the entire building every morning I was in the office and shook the hand of each employee, asked them how they were doing, how the job was, how their family was and how were they being treated.

OK! now you going to say you have 10,000 employee's there is NO way I can do that and you would be correct.

So set the example and accomplish this with those around you encouraging your ENTIRE management team to do likewise.

However do NOT and I mean do NOT do it if you do not care or have the sincerity to do it. Believe me those $10.00 an hour dime a dozen employee's know when it's real and when it's not!

Remember when we said you noticed them and your HR people noticed them when they did something incorrect. Will take the same amount of time and energy to notice the positive they do. You just might be surprised how little correction there will be in the future. How attendance and tardiness are no longer an issue. Sick days decrease and productivity increases.

When is the last time you or a member of management said "thank you" to an hourly worker. When is the last time you even acknowledge their existence?

Remember your good, your Vice Presidents and Directors are good, your Management team is good but if those front line managers, supervisors, leads and front line employee's don't show up for work even for one day, what's the bottom line on the monthly P&L look like. Not sure the stockholders are going to understand the relevance in your Ph.D.

Realize they are NOT a dime a dozen, Good employee's are difficult to find and keep.

Remember! If you don't treat them well...... who will?.......Your competition!

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Ron Hummel has been "Mr Motivation" since 1978 talking to thousands of individuals in all types and sizes of companies. AT&T, BMW, Bell South, Sun Trust, Zenith, Wendy's, Long John Silvers, Taco Bell, Publix, Kroger, Eli Lilly, Ford Motor Company, and Honda just to name a few. Isn't it time for you and your company to invest in your employee's. Go to www.mrmotivation.net and schedule a seminar today. Watch the positive improvements tomorrow!

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