April 21, 2009

One Minute Training Videos

Having worked in the training video production industry for quite a while, I have been brought up in the school of thinking that the ideal length of a training video should be around 12 minutes.

You could imagine how my eyebrows were raised when I was approached by the OHS Manager of a multi national corporation recently to ask me to think about producing some 60 second training videos for them. In his words; “every one is time poor nowadays, instant coffee is not quick enough and we can’t afford to take our people off their lines for 30 minutes to watch a training video even though OH&S is a hugely important part of our business”

“I also have to compete with Production, HR, Administration and sales for employee attention during our staff meetings, so I want a communication that is quick, edgy and effective”

A series of 25 x 60 second occupational health and safety training videos were written and produced as if they were television commercials. They featured a cartoon character and supporting posters were produced and put up on all factory walls throughout the country. These 1 minute productions also found their way into the company’s tool box meetings and were emailed from factory to factory, employee to employee.

The short sharp messages proved to be great motivations for some dynamic discussions that followed their screening The campaign has been so successful that the training videos were translated into several languages and distributed around the world.

A great lesson was taught to me by someone who was willing to think a little outside the square!

Article by Scott Weston

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