February 19, 2009

Induction Training For Employees

Every organization has a big picture, in which they want to achieve their goals and objectives. In order to achieve these one could consider it a sum of all parts, as all employees and all departments need to pull their weight and carry out their functions for the business to succeed and strive for higher goals and objectives.

In terms of induction training, of which is also sometimes referred to as onboarding, the trainer will have the opportunity of communicating these goals and the entire corporate picture to the new employee. It will also allow the proficient training of the employee to conduct their work in the way that is desired and stipulated by the company. This time and process of induction training is in effect the first impression that the new employee will have of the organization, and the trainer is advised to make the most of this process, obviously without making false claims and promises.

One of the key tips when providing induction training for new employees is to try and keep the training sessions as interesting and as simple as possible. The new employee is out of his or her comfort zone, and without overburdening the employee with new information and details, you would rather want them to gain a good understanding of the business in as simplistic manner and detail as possible. This will insure that the new employee gets an understanding of the entire business. Professionals also recommend that a welcome pack or email be sent to the new employee prior to their first day at work, this will help the employee to get a basic understanding of the company as well as who the key players are in terms of the organization; that is if the company has a suitable website of course.

Each company and organization has a culture and a few of their own unique traits and traditions that they may follow, such as casual Friday, or drinks at the pub on Tuesdays, whichever the case may be. The new employee should be informed of this and be made to feel welcome to attend these informal get together sessions, it will make them feel valued and part of the team. They should not however find out the long way round, but rather ate the induction training; it will instill that sense of belonging form the very beginning. These little tricks will enable and empower the new employee so that he or she will feel as if they are part of the so called corporate family even before they begin working with their new peers, it will also take the edge off of being the so called new kid on the block.

Induction training enables the corporate training to effectively introduce an organization, its policies and procedures as well as an avenue to be used to welcome a new incumbent into the organization.

Source: Best Management Articles by Chris Kennelly

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