December 24, 2008

Investing in HR Software VS Maintaining a Manual System

If your company is small, you haven’t really needed to worry about maintaining a manual HR system. However, if you are starting to grow and the projections for your organization are to grow exponentially in the next three years. This would be a good time to invest in an HR software program before you are too overwhelmed with paperwork and messy files.
There are many benefits for investing in an HR software program. These include:

1• Reduced time spent in tracking down and filing paperwork. This includes being able to quickly find time-off accrual balances, benefit information, or performance evaluations for current employees and to answer job verification calls regarding former employees.

2• An organized system for keeping your data with an automatic backup system to ensure your data is not lost. The backup system of your employee personnel files should be kept as part of your disaster planning efforts.

3• Managers can be more effective by contributing and updating information directly to their department’s employees’ personnel files, which reduces the amount of time spent keeping the information up-to-date and current. Managers should be able to go into the HR system to add entries for vacation time used and performance evaluations.

4• The system can be set up for reminders of I-9 forms due dates, benefit eligibility, certification expiration dates, next performance evaluation dates, and more.

When you start looking at HR software, it is best to look long-term. Determine how the program can benefit your organization not only now, but in the future when your staff is larger and you have less time to devote to a manual system.

The time spent tracking down paperwork and filing it will increase as the number of employees increase. Additionally, your managers will have less time to devote to managing employees if your recordkeeping system is still manual and cumbersome. You must ask yourself “Do I want to spend a couple of weeks evaluating and implementing HR software now? Or, years wishing I had?”

HR software can be easy and affordable. Download a free trial version of Staff Files HR software here and try it...

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