November 6, 2008

Got All the Right People in Their Right Seats on Your Bus?

By Andrea Feinberg

In his book "Good to Great" author Jim Collins uses a bus and its riders as an analogy for finding employees who add value to their employer with a magic blend of skills, experience and temperament.

That last piece, temperament, is tough. Ever meet a prospective employee who included their core beliefs, personal attitudes and behavioral style on their resume or in their interview remarks? Are you thinking those things won't matter if they've got exactly the skills and experience you're looking for?

A phrase I've heard with respect to recruitment-gone-wrong is that we 'hire for hard skills and fire for soft skills'. It means that the person read really well on paper, gave a great interview and then just 'didn't fit in'. Another common personnel flaw is giving an employee a reward by promoting her/him beyond their level of ability - often by placing them in a role supervising people instead of product or process - and letting them sink or swim, without life preserver.

The cost for these mistakes can be huge; think of the cost and lost time spent finding the wrong person for the job, the lost productivity with the not-ready-for-prime-time new manager, the missed opportunities with the not-quite-right person on board, the reduced morale resulting from the poor supervision, the disappointment of not meeting expectations and not being guided to meaningful rewards - for the poorly placed employee and for the frustrated employer.

There is a better way. Deceptively simple and hugely on target, validated assessments provide insight into values and behaviors and give employers huge opportunities to expand the effectiveness of this most expensive asset - their people. Validated assessments provide employees with self knowledge that will guide them to easier sources of success. And it's all achieved without any sense of judgment - just opportunity.

A means to save time and money, an opportunity to identify underused skills, an assist when training new supervisors or managers and critical when recruiting new employees or putting a team in place, validated assessments are indispensable tools to get it done with the productivity and opportunities you want.

In a world of shrinking job applicants and, at least currently, a poor economic climate, having focused, talented and motivated employees is a huge asset. Using assessments will maximize the likelihood that happens and minimize the risk of making poor hiring and assignment decisions.

Is any of that meaningful for you?

About the author: Andrea Feinberg, is a business executive coach. She helps small business owners make more money by day and sleep better at night by maximizing the untapped potential they have in their business right now. For more information and a sample Assessment Report, please visit CochingInsight.Com

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