August 28, 2008

Tools to "Celebrate a New Hire"

Part of HR's job is to educate managers on the importance of making new hires feel welcomed and important. Managers and employees need to take a larger role in "closing the sale" and owning the process of assimilating the new hires because their talent will improve the teams chance of meeting it's goals. Managers should consider using one or more of the following "celebration tools" to raise the enthusiasm of and for the new hire.

1. A phone call from the CEO/ GM welcoming them to the organization.
2. An invitation by the CEO/ GM to visit their office on their first day (or the CEO stopping by their work space).
3. A letter from the CEO/ GM welcoming them to the organization.
4. Cake and candles on the first morning to celebrate their joining the "family"/team.
5. A new hire luncheon on the first day to meet the team.
6. Welcome banner for their cubical signed by the CEO and all.
7. Take a Team Picture on the first day and have it signed by all.
8. Give them a Tee Shirt signed by all.
9. Place a Notice/Ad in the Local Paper welcoming them to let everyone know of your new team member (like consulting/ law firms do).
10. Give them a Plaque - Celebrating their First day.
11. Give them a "2 for dinner" certificate to tell their spouse or friend about their new job.
12. Place a welcome Note/ picture on your corporate Web site.
13. Put new hires pictures in our local ads or in regular corporate advertising.
14. Send their spouse/kids first day welcome gifts, corporate products or cards to make them feel they are part of the team and to build support for the new company.
15. Have other spouses call and welcome their spouses.
16. Have a new employee lunch for spouses during their first month.
17. Have a "No forms/ video/ manuals" policy during the first day/week. Consider sending them to their home to read prior to starting or let it wait until at least week 2.
18. Give them a "new hire" pin/ hat to let all know they deserve special help. The pin/ hat also entitles them to ask "dumb questions".
19. Give them a "pre-dated" 5 year pin to show them we expect them to be part of the team for a long time.
20. Give them a "meet everyone card" that requires (rewards) them for getting the initials of all key team members on the card during the first ___ days.
21. Give them a "new hire" reserved parking spot to celebrate their first week.
22. Give them a License Plate Cover for their car announcing their new company

This post is a part of Dr. John Sullivan article: The New Hire Orientation "ToolKit".
Dr. John Sullivan is a Head and Professor of Human Resource Management College of Business, San Francisco State University

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