November 30, 2007

Leadership | Theme for World AIDS Day 2007

Leadership is the theme for World AIDS Day 2007. This theme will continue to be promoted with the campaigning slogan, “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.”

Why leadership?

Since the beginning of the epidemic, experience has clearly demonstrated that significant advances in the response to HIV have been achieved when there is strong and committed leadership. Leaders are distinguished by their action, innovation and vision; their personal example and engagement of others; and their perseverance in the face of obstacles and challenges.

Leadership must be demonstrated at every level to get ahead of the disease - in families, in communities, in countries and internationally. Much of the best leadership on AIDS has been demonstrated within civil society organizations challenging the status quo. Making leadership the theme of World AIDS Days will help encourage leadership on AIDS within all levels and sectors of society. It will inspire and foster champions within a range of different groups and networks at local and International level.

To celebrate the 2007 and 2008 World AIDS Day theme of leadership, the World AIDS Campaign (WAC) is launching the Stop AIDS Leadership Pledge. In collaboration with national, regional, global and constituent partners, this initiative asks people from all over the world to pledge their leadership to help stop AIDS. These pledges collected online, by mail and at events, will be used to create exhibitions, banners and other visibility actions during major events in 2008. With a goal of 100,000 signees, these pledges serve as a persuasive tool for leveraging greater political leadership on universal access to AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support and act as a visual example for key national and international decision-makers to follow.

Take the Lead and make your pledge NOW by downloading the pledge form here.

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