October 23, 2007

Twitter | Looking for bright minds

Twitter have new people working at their HQ. They are Alissa Huskey as an engineer and Krissy Bush, Human Resources Manager.

Now. they are looking for bright minds to help their work on the ongoing challenge of creating a compelling experience while accommodating rapid growth.

Positions Available

Senior Engineers

Do you like to write code that works elegantly and efficiently, then push it out to thousands of customers the same day it's finished? Do you enjoy thinking carefully about system design and then sitting down to write a river of code which passes its own tests the first time through? Do you want to help build a fast, reliable, complex messaging application that bridges the Internet and cell phones? If so, we're looking people with these skills...

* BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
* 5+ years of real-world software development experience.
* Excellent and influential communication skills with engineers and non-engineers.
* Extensive experience programming in both scripting and application-specific languages.
* Deep familiarity with Unix environments, HTTP, TCP/IP.
* Experience with Jabber, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL a plus.
* Experience practicing agile development methodologies.
* Open source community participation is highly respected.
* Strong interest in Twitter and developing a world class Internet utility.

Operations Engineers

* Focus on consistent availability and reliability (self and systems).
* Excellent and influential communication skills (team, vendors, community).
* Experience with: Linux, OS X, Solaris, HTTPD (Apache, lighttpd, nginx), mongrel, tomcat, MySQL, pgsql, storage systems (NFS, NAS, SAN), load balancing systems (hardware, software, dns), automated system tools (cfengine).
* Experience maintaining: large number of servers, multi-tiered environments, monitoring and notification tools.
* Experience executing: well planned and tested solutions to complex problems, goal oriented workdays with multiple context changes and interruption.
* Must have: excellent triage skills, mild manner, rockstar inside (ready to rise to any occasion), strong interest in Twitter.

Interested? Please email to jobs at twitter dot com.

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