September 13, 2007

Ten Questions for Career Changers

Are you planning to change jobs or careers? For some the move is to
find work that is more fulfilling so that you will be happier. For
others it may a step toward taking more of a leadership role. Whatever your
reasons for the career change, you'll want to do some self discovery
work. These ten questions will help you to sort out what kind of work
you are looking for and what you offer to a potential employer.

1. What is your dream job? It doesn't need a title or even to know it
actually exists. Close your eyes and dream about what you would be
doing if you could be doing anything you wanted to. Notice the tasks you
gravitate to, the kind of people you work with, and the place you are
working. All theses are clues for you.

2. What are your values? Each of us has values that we hold dear.
Some examples of values would be: contribute, success, adventure, balance,
win, freedom. When our values are not met we become upset and angry.
For example if freedom is important to you and working late gets in
the way of your freedom, you will become very angry.

3. What are your passions? What issue, group or idea energizes you?
Thinking about it makes you really emotional. You have a compelling need
to work on it. Your passion is connected to your mission and purpose
in life. With passion anything is possible!

4. What are your interests? What about a job makes you excited and
eager to get to work? What holds your attention and keeps you intrigued.

5. What special talents do you have? Is there something you do better
than most people and is it something you really enjoy doing? Piano
playing, grant writing, computer wiz these are talents others value. If
you have a talent for something but hate doing it, keep it hidden!

6. What are your skills? Based on your previous experiences what is it
that you do reasonably well and want to continue doing for another

7. What are your strengths? What do others tell you that you do well?
If you don't know, ask 5 people you work with or are friends with to
tell you what they see as your 5 strengths. This exercise can be very

8. What are your weaknesses? What have you been told you don't do
well? Are they worth working on or do you plan to work around them? Some
weaknesses can be delegated to other workers ie a poor speller can use
spell check and a proof reader.

9. What type of activities do you dislike? This list is helpful in
eliminating positions or careers. You will want to avoid these if at all

10. What kind of work environment is best for you? Are you looking for
plush surroundings? Does the office need to be fast paced? Do you
thrive when the environment is cooperative or competitive? Choosing the
appropriate work environment can make a big difference in your success
on the job.

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Alvah Parker is a Practice Advisor (the attorney's coach) and a Career Transition Coach as well as publisher of Parker's Points, an email tip list and Road to Success, an ezine. You may subscribe to these publications at her website Parker's Value Program© enables her clients to find their own way to work that is more fulfilling and profitable.

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