August 3, 2007

Leadership Check-UP

In a successful organization, leaders can be found at every level. This is particularly true in organizations that have given up elaborate hierarchies in favor of a team-oriented approach to leadership and management.

Leaders come in many varieties, ranging from the charismatic visionary to the unassuming team player who helps peers work together to accomplish goals set by others. Most leaders display several leadership characteristics or “dimensions of leadership.” What’s more, a follower can become a leader and a leader can spend time as a follower.

Are a you leader? Please feel free to answer the quiz. . .

One-Minute Leadership Check-Up (answer true or false)
1. I am feeling relaxed, confident; with no pressures or problems…I have created such an efficient organization there is nothing much more to do.
2. Profits and customer ratings are at an all time high, and going through the ceiling.
3. My people line up early to get back into the office after the weekend and say “I can’t wait to get back to this place…I feel so energized and excited about my job”.
4. People at all levels of my organization are so driven by my compelling vision for the future that it is very hard to get them to go home at the end of the day.
5. I am heralded by my boss and others as being a brilliant leader, and my staff is recognized as “break-through” thinkers who are continually coming up with new, creative ideas.
6. Suggestions about needing a “timeout” now to rejuvenate and renew my leadership vision and energy are best ignored.
7. Those who are known for stimulating leadership transformations through their results-driven approach for leadership excellence, have no value for me.

SCORING KEY: Total up your T’s and F’s and use following guidelines:
6-7 T’s = “super-leader”
3-5 T’s = “challenged leader”
0-2 T’s = “leader in crisis”

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