June 7, 2007

The Number Game

This game is to allow participants to discover or reinforce some principles of adult learning through hands-on activity.

Distribute eight copies of “The Number Game” to each participant. Ask them to place a blank sheet of paper over the numbers so they cannot see the placement of the numbers. Tell them this is a simple hand-eye coordination exercise in which they are to work as fast as they can within a given time period. Then tell the participants: “Remove the blank sheet of paper. With pen or pencil, draw a line from No. 1 to No. 2, to No. 3, and so forth,until I say ‘Stop.’ OK? Go!”
Allow 60 seconds, and then say: “Stop. Please circle the highest number you reached and jot down the number ‘1’ in the tipper right-hand corner.”

Repeat this procedure seven more times, each time allowing 60 seconds. Make sure each sheet is numbered in sequence.

Discussion Questions
1. In all candor, how did you feel when you were going through the exercise? (Note: Responses will be “nervous,”“frustrated,” “upset,”“mad,” and so forth.)
2. “Practice makes perfect.” If this is really true, we all should have shown a consistent increase in the number attained with each attempt. Is that true for each of you? If not, why?
3. Did anyone hove an increase every time?
4. Many of us experienced a slight decline, or “learning plateau. What might cause this?
5. If our trainees are likely to experience these plateaus, how can we he more understanding of these situations and adapt to them?

Materials Required
A quantity of “The Number Game” on both sides).

Approximate Time Required
15 minutes.
From Games Trainers Play, by E.E. Scannell and J.W. Newstrom. Copyright 1980 by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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