May 14, 2007


The Application Process
Selection is the process of hiring the suitable candidate for a vacant position.

Analyzing Application Forms
After recruitment has occurred, the first filter under selection involves analyzing the candidates’ application forms and/or resumes and identifying applicants who fit the minimum selection criteria

1. Weighted application forms
These forms are developed with job analysis data. After determining the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to performs a job, numerical values are assigned to the responses on the form. An applicant’s responses are the scored and tallied. Such forms require considerable time and effort to create and update.

2. Resumes
Resumes are often prepared by candidates (or by a professional hired by the candidate) to highlight their strengths and experience. In addition, candidates who supply resumes should also be asked to complete an application form. If the applicant has exaggerated on the resume, these problems may be caught. More important, the application form itself will frequently have a statement that asks the applicant to sign and verify that the information is correct. The form also identifies consequences (such as termination) if the information is found to be false.

3. Application form elements
The application form should include:
*Basic personal data
*Education or training
*Special skills
*Work history (including dates or employment)
*Authorization to check references
*Employment-at-will and other waivers
*Signature of applicant
*Authorization to verify all information provided
*Statement regarding truthfulness of information provided

4. Prescreening phone call
A telephone call to clarify a few points on the application form can be a time-effective way to prescreen candidates. In a few minutes, interviewers can ascertain the candidate’s background, experience, and continued availability.

5. Applicant notification
The timing and the steps that provide a transition between the recruitment and selection processes are very important. Whenever possible, the organization should keep applicants apprised of their status and should avoid any significant time lapses.

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